Engaging in dart play can be a great stress reliever, and what better place than your rec-room, after a busy day on the job. Start a game and immediately begin to get your mind off work with a mental and physical breather. Whether playing by yourself, practicing to improve your eye/hand coordination, boosting your ratings and confidence to go with it, or competing against family and friends, now you can play on the dartboard of champions–in your very own home–the Galaxy 3, by Spider 360.


Attention grabbing LED lighting around the tub matches the monitor & marquee and changes color with each player.

What it Does

Hi-speed wireless, web ready
Automated scoring, no miss-scores or cheating
Paperless leagues, LeagueLeader ready
Player rating system built in
Handles up to 4 players / teams
Tournament chart included
How it’s Made

Molded, rugged cabinet
Only 5 1/2′ long, can fit anywhere
No wax ever!
No climate adjusting needed
Large LCD, color monitor
Hot-Button Convenience
Can’t play it for free
Just a puck, no trackball