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Pan Acoustics is successful in business as a manufacturer of innovative sound systems and digital audio solutions for 15 years. We live the idea of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and regularly invest in staff, training, and technical progress. Like the proverb: “Who stops, rusts.” Our aim is to develop, manufacture and distribute innovative and creative audio solutions for different application environments.

“MADE in Germany” is not just a term, for us it is a philosophy.



The new products in the Pan Speaker EN54 series have been developed by Pan Acoustics for application in voice alarm systems and certified according to 54-24 Type B. The passive 100V speakers consist of a weatherproof aluminum enclosure and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


The Pan Beam series speakers can be used in voice alarm systems according to EN 50849. Product certification according to the EN 54 standard is currently not possible, as there still is no product standard from this series for active column speakers.
EN 50849 is a system standard which specifies the performance requirements for electro-acoustic devices for deployment in electro-acoustic emergency warning systems.

The Pan Beam series meets and exceeds the requirements of EN 50849:

  • Automatic status display
  • Automatic error monitoring and signaling
  • Interface with the emergency alarm system (line monitoring)
  • Significantly better frequency response
  • Improvement in STI values during/after installation, thanks to variable sound dispersion



Here is the latest development from the creative minds at the German speaker manufacturer Pan Acoustics: as of this year, the Pan Beam PB 04-Dante and PB 08-Dante models also offer PoE functionality. The new power supply feature, Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers many advantages.

First, the user of the sleek Pan Beam PB 04 or 08-Dante | PoE arrays enjoys all the advantages of being connected to a Dante network: up to 64 parallel high-quality audio channels are available through the audio network, i.e. up to 64 different audio signals can be transmitted simultaneously. This is a tremendous asset in scenarios where the user wishes to broadcast certain music in one area and make variable announcements in others, e.g. at exhibitions, in multiuse facilities or conference rooms.

In the Dante system, all these options are already available, which eliminates the need to tediously create an external matrix!

Download data sheet Pan Beam PB 04-D and PB 04-D | PoE

Download data sheet Pan Beam PB 08-D and Pan Beam PB 08-D | PoE

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The Pan Beam series is designed for challenging and difficult acoustic environments

With the products from our Pan Beam series, the sound volume can be kept approximately constant and flexible, enabling the speaker output to be targeted with precision towards the require audience, in large areas. This pleasant attribute means firstly that there is no unpleasant sound pressure coming from the speaker even very close of it. Secondly, the speaker still provides a great even natural sound quality in large distances.


The pan Beam products are defined by:

  • Perfect design
  • Innovative technology
  • DSP control
  • Highest level of speech intelligibility and reproduction
  • Flexible and exact orientation
  • Digital power amplifiers
  • Networking
  • Flexibility through modularity
  • Light weight
  • Low power consumption and low standby current
  • Installations in accordance with EN 60849
  • Development and manufacturing are “Made in Germany”

The aim was to create a passive series with maximum speech intelligibility and music reproduction in an attractive design. This is how the Pan Speaker came into being. It is characterized by simple handily, easy set-up and provides an excellent sound not only for more demanding environment applications.


The Pan Speaker Products are defined by:

  • Perfect design
  • Powerful two-ways-system full range
  • Maximum intelligibility of speech and music reproduction
  • Flexible and accurate alignment
  • (Through a variety of mounting options)
  • Flexibility throughout modularity and cascadability (their ability being cascadable)
  • Light weight
  • System integration in accordance with EN 60849
  • 100 V transformer option
  • Weather resistant aluminum housing
  • Color according to customer requirements (optional)

For all Pan Speaker models there are available presets for LAB group and PLM amplifiers. Alternatively all other models can be operated with others DSP amplifiers, or DSP-controlled amplifiers.



The Pan Powerline technology is a technology for transmitting audio, control data and power supply. The transmission occurs via a 2-wire system. such a system may be for example a classic passive speaker’s wiring or a 100V installation.

These types of wiring are used primarily in churches, conference rooms or other audio installations. They can be realized with little effort.

Now, if instead of passive or 100V-loudspeakers an active speaker is used, then it is necessary to lay cables for audio transmission, power supply and eventually a control signal line. In existing systems, this would mean to lay additional cables and for new systems it means more effort.

To minimize costs and effort, the Pan Powerline technology has been developed.

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