P S-208

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The PB S-208 is a passive high-performance subwoofers in a high-quality structure housing. It is characterized by an unobtrusive design, a genuine and deep bass response. The P S-208 can be operated individually or in various Cardioidapplications. The P S-208 incorporates two 8 “HQ-bass speakers. Some adjustments could be made on its top by means of screw thread to fix a distance pipe if necessary. The housing is designed as a band-pass filter and is available in all RAL colors, the standard color is black – textured finish. The P S-208 is equipped with two NL4 connectors and a signal switch. The switch allows the speaker to be operated either on NL4 1 +/- or 2 +/-.


Genuine and deep bass response, integrated protection circuits, unobtrusive design,

All Pan Speaker speakers are designed, developed with high-quality materials and manufactured according to strict criteria by Pan Acoustics in Germany.



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