Net Split

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1U, 19″ Dante/Analog Splitter

NetSplit Modes of operation are switchable between:
Dante input to Analog output 2 channel 1:4 Splitter,
or Analog input to Analog output 2 channel 1:4 Splitter
The NetSplit can receive audio channels from a Dante network and provide studio quality, low latency audio via balanced XLR output connectors to analog audio equipment.
Thus any audio available on the network can be routed via the NetSplit to an amplifier, powered speaker(s), mixing console, digital signal processor and many other analog audio devices.

Dante Input and Analog Output Specifications:
As per Analog mode (see below) except for:
• Output Level +10dB max
• Frequency Response 20Hz – 20 kHZ +- .5dB
• Dynamic range < 100dB
• Signal to noise < 100dB
• THD <.01% at +4dBu
• Sample Rate 44.1KHz, 48 KHz (default), 96KHz
• Bit Depth 24 Bits
• Network Speed 100 Mbps
• Power Consumption 2 Watts max.
• Power over Ethernet Class 1 802.3af POE PD compliant

Analog Input and Output Specifications:
• Input Impedance 44K Ohms Balanced, 22K Ohms Unbalanced
• Input Headroom +21dB
• Output Level +26dB
• Output Signal/Noise (@ unity gain) -95dB unweighted -101dB A weighted
• Output Impedance 150 Ohms Balanced, 75 Ohms Unbalanced
• Dynamic Range 121dB
• Frequency Response 20Hz-20 KHz -.5dB
• Distortion (@ unity gain)
o 100Hz .0035%
o 1KHz .0033%
o 10KHz .0037%
• Input Connector Type Female XLR plus Male XLR Input Loop
Output Connector Type Male XLR


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