P 08-EN54

The Pan Speaker P 08-EN54 is a passive speaker mount-ed in an attractive compact design which is suitable for speech and music applications in EN 54 applications. The loudspeaker is equipped with eight 3.5“ HQ drivers content in a closed aluminium housing. The housing can be delivered in all RAL colours on customer’s request. The chassis are protected against external infl uences by a perforated metal sheet. There is a cable gland connection at the back of the P 08-EN54. At the back and sides of the P 08-EN54 there are nuts with adjustable slot nuts which enable wall mounts and brackets.


High effi ciency, 100 V connection, switchable output power 125W / 62W / 32W / 15W, switchable High Pass Filter (HPF), integrated protection circuits, high speech intelligibility even in the most adverse acoustic environments, sleek and unobtrusive design

For the Pan Speaker series there is a wide range of mount-ing accessories for fi xed installations and mobile applications.

All Pan Speakers are developed, designed and manufac-tured by Pan Acoustics which uses high quality materials according to the stringent criteria.


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