PB S-208

The PB S-208 is an active subwoofer incl. DSP and network functionality. The PB S-208 is the low extension of the Pan Beam family. It is characterized by an unobtrusive design and a genuine and deep bass response. The PB S-208 can be operated in various cardioid applications.

Operated via a user friendly Windows software, the connec- tion to the computer occurs over an RS 485 network. With the help of digital signal processing, the sound and the delay time can be entered and controlled.

The PB S-208 is equipped with two 8″ HQ-Drivers and a digi- tal amplifier. The total amplifier power is 600 Watts (800 Watt peak) with a power consumption of 20 VA (normal) or 800VA (max).


Genuine and deep bass response, integrated pro- tection circuits, unobtrusive design, remote moni- toring, two audio inputs (transformer-balanced)


  • 5-band parametric equalizer
  • Volume control
  • Internal delay up to 370 ms
  • Connection to media control possible
  • two independent line inputs with automatic priority switching

All Pan Beam speakers are designed, developed with high-quality materials and manufactured according to strict criteria by Pan Acoustics in Germany.


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