PB 15

The Pan Beam PB 15 slim-line column speaker in an appealing design that was developed for high-quality voice applications. The PB 15 can generate a highly directed sound beam which can be modified using various optimizers (max. SPL, SPL + min. sidelobes, min. sidelobes). The speakers are operated via user-friendly Windows software and connected to the computer via an RS 485 network or DANTE. Digital signal processing can be used to enter and control the vertical and tilt angle, volume, sound and delay times. The Pan Beam PB 15 is equipped with 15 specially manufactured 2.1″ drivers, DSP modules and eight digital amplifiers with a power of up to 50 watts each. A single Pan Beam PB 15 can cover a listening area of up to 20 meters, with speech intelligibility and sound pressure remaining constant over the entire distance. The Pan Beam series can be integrated into voice alarm / electroacoustic emergency warning systems according to EN 50849.


High efficiency, integrated protection circuits, high speech intelligibility even in acoustically demanding environments, sleek and unobtrusive design, remote monitoring, two audio inputs.


  • Adjustment of vertical radiation (Beam width / tilt angle)
  • 5-band parametric equalizer
  • Volume control
  • Internal delay up to 370 ms
  • Connection to media controller possible
  • Two independent line inputs with automatic priority switching
  • Integration into voice alarm systems according to EN 50849

A wide range of mounting accessories is available for fixed installation and mobile use of the Pan Beam series.


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